The garlic, the basic condiment of the Proven´┐Żal cooking, is looked for by part the variety of its use under various forms one can like it freshly, prefer it fades it for its long preservation, équeuté for the practical side, or even in plait to involve the last two advantages with the visual aspect.
Aware of this diversity of the demand, our offer goes of the garlic fades it in the small net of some heads of équeutés garlics, it with the aim of allowing you to satisfy at best your clientele.
You will find in page marketing, the detail of the possible conditionings under net for the garlic équeuté. And if your wish does not appear on our voucher of preorder, do not hesitate to get in touch so that we study together your needs and our solutions.



The onion, the shallot and particularly the garlic are supposed to prevent and especially to cure a significant number of disease, the latter is doubtless the most effective natural medicine, not modified genetically. From time immemorial, it indeed possesses the peculiarity of credit note, otherwise all the virtues, at least almost all the medicinal properties: antiseptic, purifying, dépurative, diuretic, vermifuge, anticancer, febrifuge, aphrodisiac, hypotensive, bactericidal, etc....
Doubtless he(it) would be more sensible to say after what he(it) does not look.

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