ü Professional Service : the farm passed on generations of a same family and the commercial company was created 20 years ago by 2 passionate farmers specialised in garlic, shallots and onions. We have developed expertise and skills that we happily share with our customers. We have also developed over the years, a reliable network of contacts throughout the whole chain.

ü High Quality and Advice : thanks to our expertise, be it in producing, selecting, conservation or services (eg : bulb cleaning, treating, packaging, marketing and logistics), we are able to satisfy our clients’ needs effectively and to provide valuable technical advice on producing, storing, etc.

ü Reliability : well know in the sector, we value and strive to provide the best and taylored service to our customers and to propose a solution to any problem in a timely manner thanks to our solid network of contact throughout the chain.

ü Responsiveness : thanks to our position and network, we can find a taylored solution in a timely manner. Our team values and strives to fully satisfy our clients.

ü Competitive : we are competitive thanks to our expertise and advice, to the best value we propose (products and shipping), to our very convenient location, very close to the North/South national motorway main route that shortens travelling time.


Protected geographical indication « Ail de la Drôme »

Garlic from Drôme has been benefiting since 2008 from a protected geographical indication labelled « Ail de la Drôme » by an EC regulation. The geographical area has been defined based on the historical and current locations of garlic farming in Drôme as identified through the data of the agricultural census on the one hand, and on local climate data defining areas which guarantee the best conditions for the best quality of garlic, on the other hand.

For more information on the protected geographical indication: https://www.inao.gouv.fr/produit/4133 (in French).

Organic Certification with Ecocert

Eurobulbe SAS is subject to a yearly audit by Ecocert, the French organic farming watchdog, checking out full compliance with applicable organic farming provisions.

To obtain Eurobulbe’s yearly Ecocert certificate : http://certificat.ecocert.com/client.php?l=en&id=6FDDEC1A-7C4D-441D-8B5C-84BD43D36049